All-in-one Options a.k.a. Digital Amps

I'm looking to downsize and simplify things and would like to consider an all-in-one digital amp like the Naim Unite or UniteQute, but wonder if there are more options out there.

I'm especially interested in battery power (like RWA) and the ability to do high resolution via network streaming or USB (like Naim). A good head amp as part of the deal would be great too since it will be for condo living.

I can't be the only one who would pay good money for such a thing, right?
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I'm not familiar with it but it seems your preset amplification was a big step. While some switching amplifiers are quickly growing in their abilities they are still onto themselves in their overall presentation. Your silver clad cabling might be an issue.

Good money? I would suggest looking into The Devialet Premier-D then enjoy your current system until you win the lottery.

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