All in One Integrated Amp or dac streamer plus amp - around 5k to 6k USD

iam looking for all in one integrated amplifier  OR  wirless (AC) streamer plus dac  in the around 5k - 6k

1. goldnote I 1000
2. micromega m100
3. primare prisma i35
4. simaudio moon 340ix with mind 2 streamer
5. NAD M32  with blueos 2i card
6. used Hegel H360 
7. used devialet expert 220 pro
8. used lyngdorf tdai-2400
9. used ayre ex-8 plus goldnote DS-10
10. used L-505uXII plus dac streamer

basically looking to drive totem tribe tower speakers  whose specs are 
impedance - 4 ohms
Sensitivity - 89DB
Recommended Power - 50 - 200 W
Frequency Response - 30 Hz - 30 kHz

i like my highs/treble - crisp and sharp. dont like the description of warm,musical,sweet which means soft or rolled off on highs
lows - good weight and speed and punchy

folks - please help share your experience or knowledge and comparisons

hope this discussion can be a good reference point for folks navigating products in this space and in this price range.

appreciate your help and responses
Have have you looked at the Musical Fidelity Encore line.  The software is MUCH better than when it launched.  The M6s Encore Connect is $4500.  It is a nice unit and MFs amp profile will fit your taste.

Of your list above, I am a big fan of Simaudio and the mind system works well.  Software is strong and the sound profile is also ideal.   

Full disclosure, I am an MF dealer so I am a bit biased.  I have no relationship with SimAudio.  Good weekend to but though.  Lots of retailers with deals this weekend.  
The new Elac DPA- 2 and DDP-2 are well worth checking out. Enjoy the music just reviewed the DDP-2 $4k the pair! Add a second amp ($1499) and have a totally killer system
I have no experience on these three personally, other that having them saved for future reference because they are integrated tube amplifiers and that is what I would like in my next amplifier. 

1. Leben Integrated amplifiers
2. Copland CTA408
3. IFI Audio Retro Stereo 50
I have used the Devialet for 4 years. Neutral sound, very versatile. Also looks good. You can easily configure to your setup. It is upgradeable, I have had mine upgraded a couple of times. I have used it with B&W804D speakers. I recently upgraded my speakers to Avangarde DuoXD. I was concerned over the match with the Devialet, and thought I might need to upgrade but I test drove it extensively at the dealers and we were pleased with how they worked together.

As a one-box solution it is great and I am very happy with it as such. I am however thinking of moving to a stand-alone DAC. In the case the Devialet is not ideal - it converts all incoming analog signals to digital via an ADC, and then converts back to analog via its own DAC before sending to the amp - so I would lose whatever I gained via the external DAC. 
I am very happy with the Devialet.  Was able to get it new for about $5500 on Audiogon.  
You can add the NAD M10 as well into the mix. John Darko has a video review of it and it goes for under $3K.

All the best,
Given the features and sound characteristics you're looking for and that your speakers probably appreciate some power, I think the Lyngdorf TDAI 3400 would be a very good choice.  And you get their RoomPerfect room correction as a nice bonus.  Fronting it with a good streamer/server like the Innuos Zen would make a great combo and achieve all your goals.  Here are some used units that would fit at the top of your price range.  Best of luck.
I have Micromega M100 without MARS, very nice little amp, throws very 3 dimensional sound stage and very punchy. But if you can swing it, get M150 in the used market. 
Recently heard the new Cambridge Audio Edge A w/a pair of Rockport Audio speakers. Very powerful and rated down to 2 ohms.