All in one CD/DVD/Blue Ray player. Any exist?

Can anybody suggest a good all in one unit?
OPPO 83 or 83SE is the way to go... no question. Go to to decide which fits your needs.

Oppo BDP-83SE is the unit. The Dec issue of TAS has an informative review. If I was in the market, this would be on the top of the list.

For a lot more money, Marantz, Lexicon, and McIntosh make "play everything" machines that each promises is "better". I look forward to reviews before I consider any of them. (I mean a lot more money!) Based on their individual track records, they probably are all outstanding. I'd love to know if they are that much better than the Oppo.

I am in the market for an "all in one" player that plays CD & SACD close to, or as well as the current "best" players for those two mediums and also plays DVD & BluRay at "state of the art" levels.

Has anyone experienced any of these players?
Music direct is offering the Oppo BDP-83SE under a 1000.00 with a 30 day in home trial.
The review in the December TAS is of the Oppo BDP-83, not the BDP-83SE. Also, Oppo sells the BDP-83SE direct for $899 with a 30 day return-full refund policy.
Ayre is coming out with a universal Bluray player (DX-5). It looks like Ayre is using the Oppo BDP-83's transport and video section. Everything else in the audio domain will be Ayre. It had better be to justify its $8K-$10K expected price range. Check out the preview from
I think so. Our own AUDIONET VIP G3 at blink high end in Cambridge is an absolute top performer if you like openess, transparency and a very honest presentation. Reference CD player but excells in everything. MUST buy with EPS G2 to get the last 10% in the performance.

Caution: This is not for everyone. Great recordings will sound amazing, you will also notice ALL short comings in poor recordings ...