All in 5-6k for setup in living room...with bad acoustics

Looking for suggestions with a total spend of 5-6k (because I think deals can be had) for a living room. Room is fairly large and we often listen to the music from the kitchen. Not an ideal setup at all but the silence without music right now is killing me. Other thing is I tend to listen to music on the loud side rather than sitting down and critically listening,

I’m sensitive to compression drivers and the "harsh" highs. Unfortunately the one side of the room is sliding glass doors with curtains so I’m thinking a dome tweeter. What about something like the Magnepan speakers? I don’t think they would have the desired output but they do sound nice.  GoldenEar an option as well?

There are a lot of speakers out there for under 6k that are tempting, a few B&W’s, Ariel 7T, and my favorite is the Focal 1038be which is out of my budget currently. If I get speakers like these will a sub be required (I’m thinking yes) and what about amps, etc. Can I power these speakers with a 1k budget or am i dreaming? Typically listen to music from my Blue Node.

Asking a lot of questions here but thanks for the help.



You can do very well with your budget buying used. Some thoughts:

So if the the budget is for speakers and amplification pick the speakers 1st and then find the right amplifier for them. I would stay away from metal dome tweeters, go with fabric dome types. 

You might want to consider an outboard DAC for your Node. Much on this forum regarding the benefits of doing so.

I am using a Schiit Loki to tame brightness in my 24x24' living room/kitchen area. 

Will this system be used for video as well as audio, that is to augment TV sound?





Keep an eye out on Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist as well. Found some gems on there from time to time. 

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