All I need to know about D-Sonic amplifiers

Hey everyone,
Here it is in a nutshell, I'm seriously looking into replacing my temporary Class D amp. Not because it is a bad amp as it is not but was in my system as a "get me by" until I can look for a more serious amplifier.
I really am impressed by the newer class D technology and it's benefits. Been looking at the D-Sonic amps and been in touch with Dennis Deacon. He was very forthcoming with information of his product and from what I can gather the bang for the buck is outstanding. 
I'm looking for opinions, good or bad, from members who have some knowledge of this product. If you had it why did you change? If you still use it why? Just any input you can provide. Fwiw, I'm looking at the M3a Pascal in a 5 channel configuration of 2x1500w, 3x800w. Doable per Dennis. I like the idea of having lots of headroom as I do get loud every now and then. Also have relatively inefficient speakers, B&W 803D2. Also not adverse to class A/B amps. There is just not much info available on D-Sonic from real world users.
Any input is appreciated. 
Like Luka said, jump on it.  I was astonished as to how much bigger everything was after replacing a Parasound A21, which in its own right is a kick ass amp, too.  The D-Sonic I have is an older model, maybe 6 or 7 years old, at close to 600wpc, which you can hear and feel right out of the box.  The low level detail is pretty amazing as well.  Power to boot.   Hope you get one and love it.
I have recently installed the D-Sonics M3a-1500M monoblocks driving Maggie 3.7i's.  Using a McIntosh C2300 tube amp and I am very pleased with the results.  Great soundstage, great balance top to bottom and nice detailed sonic images with in the sound stage.  These punch way above their weight.  I have about 400 hours on them and couldn't be happier.  At some point I will move them into my reference system and see how they stack up to my McIntosh MC601's.  From what I hear so far I suspect they will do very well.  Their size makes them so easy to work with....a pair of monoblocks can easily fit on one shelf in almost any rack.  Class D amps from D-Sonics are definitely worth looking into.  Class D is here to stay.
D-Sonics are cheap at $1k, Even better were the Red Dragon M500’s at S799 same Class-D module. At least they didn’t hide what they modules use last pic in the D-Sonic module." tricked up $100 Sanway subwoofer modules, that I saw for sale on Alibaba. 

6 Moons:"The integrated Rowland Continuum S2, Red Dragon’s S500 beats with the same heart in a less high-end chassis for roughly half the price" Rowland Reasearch Contiuum 2 Sanway Subwoofer module

Cheers George
Thanks for all the replies to date. Have not yet pulled the plug as there is so much controversy regarding class D but the more information from actual users I get the more learned I become. It's all useful. 
Can anyone explain to me why GaN based class D is so much pricier than Pascal etc. It makes no sense to me other than its faster switching capability but that hardly warrants the cost.