All I need to know about D-Sonic amplifiers

Hey everyone,
Here it is in a nutshell, I'm seriously looking into replacing my temporary Class D amp. Not because it is a bad amp as it is not but was in my system as a "get me by" until I can look for a more serious amplifier.
I really am impressed by the newer class D technology and it's benefits. Been looking at the D-Sonic amps and been in touch with Dennis Deacon. He was very forthcoming with information of his product and from what I can gather the bang for the buck is outstanding. 
I'm looking for opinions, good or bad, from members who have some knowledge of this product. If you had it why did you change? If you still use it why? Just any input you can provide. Fwiw, I'm looking at the M3a Pascal in a 5 channel configuration of 2x1500w, 3x800w. Doable per Dennis. I like the idea of having lots of headroom as I do get loud every now and then. Also have relatively inefficient speakers, B&W 803D2. Also not adverse to class A/B amps. There is just not much info available on D-Sonic from real world users.
Any input is appreciated. 
Can't comment on the D-Sonic....but here is an alternative amp to consider.
And here is a link that describes how this amp was developed.  

As you say, there aren't too many reviews of the D-Sonic but the few there are seem to be good....there are quite a few more reviews of the Cherry Amp products and they seem to have a loyal following of owners who use words like class A sound...or tube like describe them.
I suspect that people will post lots of options for you to look into...good luck.
I have a D-Sonic M2000 MKII 5 Channel amp based on B&O ASP Modules (3 ASP1000, 2 ASP500).  I'm very happy with the amp.  I originally had Bel Canto REF1000M & REF500M mono's which are based one the same B&O Modules.  The D-sonic gave me 97-98% of the Bel Canto's for a lot less.  The difference being in the input design.  Sold the Bel Cantos, and a bunch of power cords, and bought the D-Sonic.  Used the rest of the cash to go to Disney World.  

I'm going to upgrade to the Pascal based amp shortly.  I'm thinking 1500 x 3, 800 x 2.  Not that I need all the power, but......
If it was me and I wasn't desperate for a new amp I would wait a few months before purchasing any class D amp.  My only knowledge is from reading user experiences here, but it seems that important improvements to the technology are happening daily and are expected to continue in the near future.

Sorry to see the cherry amp’s input impedance is too low to use with many tube preamps. 
Presumably the Cherry input impedance can be tweaked at time of order. I see emotiva has numerous options.... not sure how the sound compares. 
@prpixel, thank you for your contribution.  Not too much info to be had. I'm hoping more owners of D-Sonic products, old and new, will make their experiences known. I am certainly leaning in D-Sonics direction.
Not too long ago i acquired an M3a-1200S that replaced Emotiva xpa2-gen2. The Emotiva being what it is, not a terrible amp is severely out classed by d- sonic. I love this thing, it’s scarily powerful with seemingly infinite headroom, no discernable distortion and almost a warm quality to it which becomes apparent especially when volume goes up, wherein the Emotiva got harsh and unlistenable with collapsed soundstage. My speakers are horn loaded (Klipsch Palladium p37f) so having an amp that was smooth was paramount. Paired with a tube preamp it’s even better but i don’t think is necessary. Needless to say, I’d say jump on it, you will not regret it.
Like Luka said, jump on it.  I was astonished as to how much bigger everything was after replacing a Parasound A21, which in its own right is a kick ass amp, too.  The D-Sonic I have is an older model, maybe 6 or 7 years old, at close to 600wpc, which you can hear and feel right out of the box.  The low level detail is pretty amazing as well.  Power to boot.   Hope you get one and love it.