All HDMI system possilble yet?

Is it possible to build a Home Theater system where all components use HDMI connections from source to TV yet? I'm starting from scratch so any recommendations are appreciated. Do you think HDMI and/or class D amplification will become the standard(s) for HT?
Yes, Pioneer is one manufacturer I know for sure.
I'm sure there are others.
Not really as HDMI specs also include audio and this hasn't been implemented on the Pioneer HDMI link yet - to be truly digital of course you'd need an audio i-link or a proprietary version such as Meridian or Denon Link. At present it seems that the the i-link (based on Firewire) does not reliably perform between different brands even though the specs are nominally the same. So the answer is yes you can get digital video via HDMI or HDCP DVI right now but this will severely limit your choice of gear at the present. Over the next 12 months there will be a flood of equipment so equipped so if you're 'desperate on digital' you really would be better off waiting a few months. There also isn't a consensus yet that digital rather than analogue interlinks (in video or audio) yields a benefit and you'd find the necessary cables thin on the ground and comparatively expensive.
Think computer sound/graphics cards also lagging here...