All good. Which Best? Usher, Paradigm, Joseph?

Usher BE718, Paradigm Studio 40 or Joseph Rm7 MK2. These are my final picks. I listen to classical and Jazz. Tube preamp, Class D (Hypex) power amp, off the wall cables, HK cd player with Scott Nixon DAC. I will use sub woofer if necessary, but the reports state that it may not be needed. Any thoughts?
Thanks for your opinions.
short of a head to head bakeoff? -:)
I been living & loving my JA sigs for several years now, so consider this a biased opinion since I don't have any experience with the usher. I've heard various Paradigm models in showrooms where they competed quite well with B&Ws second line. Whereas I looked at the N805s and ultimately chose the JAs. My listenning taste are all over the board: small combo jazz, rock, reggae, bossa nova, small ensemble classical, flamenco, and a lot of what might be considered classical crossover like Claude Bolling, the brothers Assad, Piazola, etc. Driven by the right electronics, they image very well, have tight welll defined bass, are easy to place (front ported), and plain just make me smile. Their only drawback is large scale orchestral works, where they can become muddied during explosive crescendos. I really have yet to hear, in my limited experience, a monitor that can really deliver under those demands! That said, I still listen to alot concertos. YMMV, but try the bake off if you can...
The Joseph Audio RM7 MK2 are the best to my ears.

The 718 are somewhat etchy IMO so I think your Class D amp is not the best match.