All Audio Refinement ints have channel bleed?

I was thinking of consolidating my Audio Refinement Pre5 and Multi5 down to a Complete Alpha integrated but I read somewhere that the complete can have source channel bleed. Is this true for most / all of the completes? I will not go this direction if they do. The rest of my system is posted. Will I lose a little or a lot in soundstage, punch, etc going this route? Maybe someone has a Multi2 or 3 in black that is willing to trade plus cash on their end since I only use 2 channels of my black Multi5?

I have a Complete alpha that I've used for years. I also had a Multi-3 amp.

I do not have any problems with bleed that I know of. I love my AR Complete. I find it to be punchy, musical, transparent and has a brightly lit character.
The Multi-3 was musical, but was not transparent and the transient response was softer, frustratingly so.

The Multi-3 uses op amps, opened it up to look and test it. the Complete I believe is transistors.
@Ssglx, thanks for the reply. What did you use for a preamp with your Multi3? How many inputs are you using with your complete?
Pre-amp was a Audio Electronics AE3 Mk II, which sounds relatively transparent with my Monarchy amps.

I generally use 3-4 inputs with the Complete.
Note also that the owner's manual states "for optimum sound quality, always set the Record selector to a different input than the one that you wish to listen to."
I have owned six completes. LOVE them. Wish I could find another. I did not have bled through like you are describing on any of my units.
How quiet are the power supplies in them?
A selector switch problem could cause the cross talk issue you're describing.