All About Turntables 1 Thread that answers all

I am new to turntables and would like to learn about what options I have? What is suspension and rigid mean to me in terms of sound? What should I look for in the bearing assembly and plinth? What is a plinth? Is heavier better than not so heavy? Can I buy a kit, and should I go that route? All advice is welcome.
unless you are prepared to make an ongoing investment in vinyl, just live with digital. a good table(plinth is the base) is going to set you back not only the cost of the unit, the but the cost of the vinyl (new and used). records are fun to play and collect, but understand supporting software for two frontends can get kinda crazy (i know) any case, keep it moderate and simple (no kits).....don't dive into the deep end with your first and maybe last turntable. try to find a good used model....most of the newer stuff is basically sound, but an older model thats been well cared for is the ticket for someone just starting out.
I agree with jay douglas and believe you should buy a good used turntable from an original owner.
I own a Harmon/Kardon T60 which I bought 24 years ago.
It's still sounds great.
If I ever wanted to sell it, I'd have a 1000 "looks" on the 'Gon!
Good luck with your search.
Here are some links to sites about turntables that have information that should be helpful to you:

I also suggest you buy a copy of Robert Harley's book, "The Complete Guide to High-End Audio". It has a very good section on turntables, cartridges, and things analog. You can buy the book from, and it's well worth the modest price. Here is the link: