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I'm an audiophile who's been through album, cd, and mp3 formats. I currently have a laptop hardwired via usb to my audio system and usually listen to mp3's purchased through Itunes. I recently subscribed to Spotify premium which is connected to my wifi network. I've noticed that when listening to the same material, the mp3's sound much better than the Spotify version. Would I get better sound from streaming via ethernet?

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I don't know but the audiophile community is pushing network streamers. I would consider moving to streaming, but not if there's a drop in sound quality.
Thank you all for your feedback. I'm not big on specs (bitrate, etc.). I go by how it sounds. I will continue to use hardwired playing of music files to be my preferred method of listening. I'll use Spotify just to discover new music.I think the audiophile community is just trying to sell more boxes.