All 845 owners

Has anyone seen, better yet, heard, the new Black Treasure 845-Z from Shuguang?
No, but thanks for bringing it to my attention. I currently have Shuguang 845b that are really good but the price is nice on these Black Treasures as a possible upgrade. 
I'm thinking about trying these new tubes. Has anyone purchased them? I have Triode Labs TRX-M845 amps and would need 6 total. Two for the driver and 4 for the outputs. I am torn between these and the WE845 for either position.

Any thoughts?

Thank you so much.
Looks like from the ad that they are looking for folks to test these out , hence the lower pricing and likely not much feedback to be forthcoming
you might reach out to 213Cobra - I believe he has been using a set for a month. he's well versed in 845 alternatives and amplifiers.