Alison Krause + Union Station "Live" LP

Has anyome bought this yet? I have it coming but would like a preview if possible. I had the Hybrid SACD and sounded good on both formats.

I'm eager to hear your thoughts on how well this was mastered and pressed. thanx
I have it on both formats. Although I dont listen in SACD, but as cd. I feel both are excellent. Take your pick here. The Lp is nicely done and sounds great in every regard. If I had to give up one for the other( hypothetically speaking) ...Id keep the LP, but Id say that of just about all my music.
Yo Pawlowski,
A friend of mine purchased a copy from Acoustic Sounds that we have played several times. It ranks as a "twelve" on a scale from 1 - 10. It's on my Christmas Gift list in case you were wondering what to get me for Christmas. You probably should get one for yourself also.
We usually have 4 or 5 people at a listening session and it's just amazing how all the conversations stop when the stylus drops on this record.
As for reviewing it, all that I will offer is that you definitely want to buy this one before they sell out.
Hi, it sounds fantastic. The vinyl is very quiet and the recording quality is superb. As usual, her voice sounds angelic and the band's playing is top notch. Very clean and transparent transfer, I would say MoFi hit the ball out of the park with this one! Enjoy.
Yes. This is a superbly mastered and manufactured album of great performances by Stan Ricker and MoFi. The musicians sound like they are right in the room with you (along with the crowd of thousands).
There's also a review on the LP set at (Michael Fremer's website).
I have it on LP and like others have said, it has a good you-are-there sound and on a couple of tracks, some absolutely startling bass dynamics. The only thing wrong with it is soundstaging, as it was an original digital recording. It doesn't have the soundstage width and depth of the best analog recordings. Highly recommended nevertheless.
Rlawry, yes, I was shocked (and dissapointed) actually to learn this was originally a DSD recording. DAA?? Would this have sounded even better if it were AAA??? Hmmm, I wonder.
It probably would sound better from an analog master. However, DSD is excellent. If this had been available when CD was launched (almost 24 years ago!) digital may have totally wiped out the LP. Who knows?
great except soundstage as Rlawry said. It's a shame too since every other aspect including performance is incredible.