Alison Kraus : So long so wrong ; Vinyl

Picked this up on Vinyl for christmas. Whilst its well mastered and balanced it lacked realism and didnt sound natural.

Is this a digital recordign put out on vinyl does anyone know?
I have the MoFi release and thought that it sounded pretty good on my system. I have heard them live a few times and have picked with them after a show, and my memory tells me that the recording sounds pretty realistic.

It's hard to vouch for your copy and how your hearing compares to mine, so your point is by all means valid.

I would expect that the album was recorded to a hard drive, as most recordings now are. It may be worth checking the album jacket for any information. I haven't done that myself. I do know that the CD was released before the record.

Sorry for your disappointment.
The album garnered much praise from Stereophile, Absolute Sound and Hi Fi+.

Of course that doesn't automatically make it good, but this double LP sounds excellent on my system. Admittedly It is a bit "cooler" tonally than "Forget about It" by Allison Krauss, but I would not give up my copy.

Is it a digital recording? I would be surprised if it were not. I think the problem with digital is moving the data around and converting it to CD. The process has improved dramatically over the years and direct conversion from digital to analog at the studio for LP seems to be pretty darn effective.

I have a number of LP's that were recorded digitally and many of them are excellent. Of course I also have old digital recordings pressed to LP that suck, but then again the CD sucks too :^).
I looked on the jacket and couldnt find any recordig info. It did list a 'digital mixing' engineer.

I thought it was a well recorded mixed album, just didnt sound 'real' to me. I guess it must be my system. compared to other female vocalists (analogue recorded) her voice seemed to be missing something.

Digital transfered to Vinyl
I have the MoFi release too. It sure sounds clear, crisp, modern..... Digital??? My main problem with the whole deal is the amount of crappy digital reverb they have overlaid on everything. Why do people feel like they have to sound like they are singing/playing in a cave (or in this case, a digitally rendered one) when they make a recording?

I guess I'm old school, but give me the Bluegrass Boy's (with Flatt and Scruggs of course) standing around a single mic and playing their asses off!