Alignment Protractors

I have been wondering what alignment protractors the vast Audiogon audience likes. I have had experience with the paper type--with a Point A and Point B (which, for me, always seems to nearly drive me to Point C--the booby hatch). Recently, I have noticed some dealers (like Music Direct) pushing a $150 system made by Clearaudio. Then, I have noticed an interesting guage made on a mirror on Then, I heard that the Mobile Fidelity GeoDisc may be brought back. Then, there is the DB Systems. I'm sure that the list goes on...and on...and on some more. It ALMOST makes me miss my junky Japanese turntable with a P Mount cartridge. (I don't miss it very much, when I remember how awful that turntable sounded.)

I've had good results from the DB systems protractor which matched a Grado jig that I have used previously, if that validates anything. The mirror is nice but can't you just align azimuth with a pocket mirror?
I have the turntablebasics protractor. Pretty accurate I'd say...
I have a DB protractor kit that I would be willing to sell you. I don't have a table anymore, so this might be all you need. Good luck.
I switched from the DB to the Wallytractor. One of my best upgrades ever. It offers better alignment and tuning options.
The first TT I set up I did by ear. I finally bought the MFSL Geodisc and heard an improvement right away. So to answer JC2000's question, any alignment tool is better than none. Howeve, I'd be interested to hear if any of you have experiences with the Geodisc AND another alignment tool?
I second the wallytractor. Very straightforward to use. Under $100.
please elaborate: where can I find this $100 Wallytractor?Following up on Mac's question: I use the HFNRR test record to optimize tracking force, antiskate, & VTA. (That's Hi Fi News & Record Review; available from Audio Advisor or Music Direct). You can also test azimuth with this record if desired. But the test record offers adjustment improvements separate from the basic alignment adjustments made with the protractor alone, so I assume the both are required anyway.
Redtrumpet ( sells the wally tools now or Wally sometimes hangs out on the audioasylum ( vinyl section.

The Wallytractor is custom cut for each tonearm. You use it to set the stylus to pivot point distance (overhang) which reduces tracking error. You also use it to align the stylus cantilever perpendicularly to the record grooves. I use it in conjunction with the HFNRR disc. M. Fremer has done a couple of articles within the last year on Wally products in Stereophile.
Click on Wally's Vinyl Corner:

If I were you I'd get the TT basics b/c it is mirrored and inexpensive, or the WallyTractor b/c it is easier to use and more precise.
Clearaudio is IT easy to use and DAM accurate.
I have a DB alignment protractor that was used a couple of times and been sitting in storage all these years. If someone wants it, make me a reasonable offer. No turntable, I have no use for it.
I also have the Turntable Basics protractor, and I feel it does the job well.