Aligning Cartridge

Well after using a paper version of my Rega Baerwald Arc Protractor for my Rega P7 I have opted to get an Avid Alignment Gauge. For those that think the paper gauge is not adequate, I compared my set up to the Feickert Baerwald and I was less than half of a painted line close enough! The paper was good for the null points but I always wondered if I could do better hence the purchase of the Avid. I do not know what the Avid uses, but it is certainly not the same. 

As others said you need adequate daytime lighting, and then it is just trial and error. 10 minutes or so and I was done. Null points were quite easy to set and then the alignment with the grid work and the mirror really helped. Sat down to listen and it is amazing what you hear. It sounds different because "I wanted it to sound different", it sounds better because "I wanted it to sound better". I sat with my critical ears listening to the minutia of sound which I normally am not as critical, so of course it sounded better. Now that I have placated the placebo effect,whether it is better is now irrelevant because I like what I hear.  

Good job.  With Regas azimuth adjustment is not possible but it is a critical part of getting the setup right.  When I had my P9 Yip's MintLP was the best setup tool I had.
The Avid Alignment Gauge is an almost exact knock-off of the $20 Phono Cartridge Alignment Tool that has been around for many years.  Or could it be the other way round?
Miner42 - I looked at Yip's MintLP because it had great reviews but in the end it came down to cost. I also got two of the infamous white belts as well. But I first set up the cartridge and listened for a day to hear if there were any differences. With the new set up I was able to take one my spacers out and get the tone arm closer to level (it was too bass boomy previously so I had it quite high). Then installed the belts.

melm - well that price is what all of them should be. As long as the geometry is what you are looking for.

However my my biggest improvement was the Herron  VTPH-2 phono stage I recently got.   
Dear @shanticat :  ""  Sat down to listen and it is amazing what you hear. """
It's not that you " want to listen better " it's that the quality sound improved.

The name of the game on align cartridge is ACCURACY and " minute " adjustements of 0.1-2 mm makes big differences. Minimal deviations on precise overhang, pivot to spindle distances and offset angle increment severely the distortion levels. So when we align with precise accuracy the cartridge/tonearm always have a reward on real better quality sound performance.

Regards and enjoy the music,