Align cartridge to offset cantilever ?

Hello, what to do when aligning a cartridge with the cantilever slightly offset ? All I have is a geo disc to use. But following their instructions to align the body to the grid, and the next step is to look if cantilever lines up. Obviously it does not as it is slightly offset as I said. Should the cart be slightly offset from the grid, so the cantilever is straight with the grid, as apposed to the body ? Obviously you cannot have both.
You are aligning the cantilever/stylus. If the cantilever is not perfectly aligned to the body, if it were mine, I'd have it repaired or install a new cartridge. That is an indication of a defective cartridge.
The alignment should always be based on the stylus/cantilever. Using the body is just an easier way for me. Just because the cantilever and the body are not in alignment does not mean something is wrong. I have seen new carts that are not perfect. My suggestion is to set it up and listen to it. If it sounds right who cares if it doesn't look perfect.
Align based on the cantilever.

Unless the cantilever under load is touching a part of the cartridge it shouldn't, it is okay to use.
I use the Geo-Disc also . I also have used Cartidges with slightly off-center Cantilevers . Just by-pass Step 5 and use Step 6 . If done properly and all sounds good then don't worry about the Cartridge Body being off alignment . Good Listening