Alice Coltrane Journey in Satchidananda

This is a wonderful record from Impulse. Featuring Pharoah Sanders for Soprano Saxophones, wonderful sound. Is there anything similar to this that i should check in?
Great stuff!

Try John McLaughlin, My Goals Beyond. In particular cuts Peace 1 and Peace 2
I love Journey in Satchidanada. Also love My Goal's Beyond!
Cuts from Santana's 1973 "Welcome" - "Going Home" "Welcome" "Mother Africa"

Also Alice Coltrane's collaboration with Santana "Illuminations" from same era
Alice Coltrane did several discs during that era are well worth checking into. Try 'Universal Consciousness' and 'Ptah the El Daoud'. A couple of Pharaoh Sander's discs have a similar vibe and feel as well, although with a bit more of an agressive free-jazz sound. He put out a recording called 'Karma' that would be a good place to start. 'Jewels of Thought' and 'Village of the Pharoahs' are also interesting pieces. I've been listening to the re-issues of a couple of discs by a great jazz composer Phil Ranelin and, although it's a bit of a stretch, I wouldn't be afraid to recommend them alongside the Alice Coltrane recordings. Maurice McIntyre also did a couple of discs that recall that feel as well. I think they were his first two recordings. One is called 'Humility in the Light of the Creator' and the other, which I don't own but have heard is called 'Forces and Feelings' if I recall correctly. All that said, the 'Journey in Satchidananda' recording is a fairly singular disc without a whole lot of peers.