Aliante pf-one VS Reference 3a MM deCapo i

For a second room with use on acoustic jazz, light jazz(Bob James type), female vocals, instrumentals and some use with a plasma TV. Trying to find a monitor for two channel use with a REL sub woofer,

Thanks for any and all feedback.
no contest...the 3a
Need more info on the supporting components .
I have the De Capo's and love them , with tubes !
Auditioned them with a Cary SS with tubed buffer and CJ pre , didn't like them at all . They took on a whole different character with a Cary SLi-80 and Cayin A88-T , tubed integrateds . Same room , cables , source and session . YMMV .

Don't know the Aliente .

Good luck and , if possible , try before you buy .