Alex from uplift audio

I am a bit of a newbie to the world of high end audio. I have been researching, reading forums, talking with numerous so called experts from big box stores. All this did was to lead me into a world of salesmen trying to only make a sale and a further state of confusion. I have auditioned numerous speakers that are supposed to be so good. Mid road b&w, focal, revel etc. None of those seemed to fill the need of my need for an eargasm I read a post by Alex from uplift audio out of San Diego and sent him a message. I am so thankful for our interaction. Alex has been nothing short of amazing in taking his valuable time to enlighten me. Never have I felt pressured or tried to be upsaled. His knowledge is vary extensive and provides sales and knowledge of the Legacy products. I have a modest budget in terms to what can be spent but I felt like I have a budget of 200000 to spend with him. I am in the process of ordering legacy signatures, a marqui center and an 1v3 amp by legacy. I even decided to go with the wavelet being I'm a bit on the lower end of the scale in room acoustics and correction.. Alex you are the man, someone who gets off by helping people and your buisness model is over the top. This is an incredible amount of money for a teacher to spend but it is a dream and I pay homage to Alex in helping make that dream come true.