Aletha or Cantata

I am considering buying a pair of the dunlavy alethas or cantatas, my nearest dunlavy dealer is 275 miles from where i live. I would like to hear from anyone who knows what the difference is between these two speakers.
To me they seem to be exactly the same except appearance and price. I could ask the dealer but would prefer an unbias oppinion.
You might consider phoning Audio-Video Logic in Des Moines - they were super helpful and friendly when I called about a possible Dunlavy purchase. I'm not associated with them in any way - they were just a really helpful dealer.

That said, Dunlavy certainly promotes the Cantata as a cheaper to make version of the Aletha. I think they're about $1000 difference in price. Personally, the look of the Aletha is phenomenal, IMO, and I don't personally much care for the look of the Cantata. Also, the Aletha has been magnificently reviewed in at least two places I've seen, which is always good for long-term resale. I don't have personal experience with either, but from what I know (and the stated preferences above), I'd go for the Alethas. If the looks and possible resale value aren't worth the price difference, my guess would be that the Cantata's are within a whisper, if not identical, in performance to the Alethas. -Kirk

I've heard them both in the same room, using the same system. The difference is a nuance - but favoring the Aletha. Soundstage a bit firmer, mids a tad richer and the bass a bit tighter. Must have something to do with the density and/or heft of the enclosure, casue the drivers are the same.

Worth a $1,000? To some absolutely, to others no way.
I second Kirk on audio-vidio logic. I bought athenas before the catana existed so i didn't get a chance to compare them. i listened to a lot of speakers and NONE were close to the athenas in openness, soundstage, smoothness of highs and realism for the money. my guess is that you would be happy with either but the athenas are killer...p.s. tubes are the way to go.
The Alethas are an unbelievable sounding speaker. The separation , tightness of the bass and accuracy will make you want to listen to any cd you can find. The speaker's realism and accuracy will occassionally catch you off guard and startle you...making you think a "sound" emanated from somewhere in your house other than the speakers. I listened to the Cantatas at a dealer in Avalon NJ. They sounded great but I went with the Alethas even though the dealer didn't have them. The look of the Athenas compared to the Cantatas are no fact, when you see these speakers you will be amazed at how good they look(mine are cherry wood). I spoke with Mr. Dunlavy himself and he indicated the Alethas have more enclosure which provides for a slightly deeper sounding bass.
...but you can't go wrong with either speaker.
I also heard he Cantantas at Avalon in NJ. I was not shopping for speakers but they got my attention as a great sounding speaker. I was listening in a near field position and I think thats' probably the best way to use them. I've never heard the Alethas but if it's supposed to be better, get them.
There's a good review of the Cantata's (the first I've seen) in the most recent $ensible Sound magazine. They loved them. I think the looks of the Aletha are worth the extra $$ myself. -Kirk