Aletec 604's for LCR for 5.1 surround

I have a pair of Altec 604E and a single 604C Super Duplex speaker(s) that came out of cabinets perhaps 25 years ago and have been sitting on my shop closet shelf ever since. I fired them up a few months ago and they still work great with the original cones. Since I'm a surround-sound instructor (for music and theater production) I've envisioned that these three speakers would make a wonderful front-center-right set for a home-theater 5.1 system. Put some nice tube amps to power them, and that would be fantastic. I don't have the time/space to do this project myself, so I'm looking to sell all three as a set. However, I would like to find plans for possible cabinet design. Any recommendations where to look for such plans or specs?
you could try the Don Davis/Alex Baiedmeif (SP?) or Abe Cohen or other books or even the Altec Users Board:

and ask there as well.

What happened to the cabinets?
I use RCA LC1A for center and RCA MI Shearers for RL wbins for rear works wonderful go for it.