Alesis masterlink arrived

Just thought I would post my findings on this recorder.
Though this may be a little early but with the little recording I have done so far have to admit there is no comparison between vinyl and red book cd's. As for the higher resolution it does get a little better.
My next move will be to try connecting the unit with balanced cables, this should make a difference.
Any advice is welcomed.
By the way with the higher resolution what players will support this format, it's 96/24. They call it cd24.
Pedrillo, The Masterlink is an awesome player and alot of fun. I've had mine for a while now. I haven't used the CD24 because I use the Masterlink to record compilations, play in my cars or Esoteric (or rip on PC harddrive for squeeze box) and neither support the CD24. A buddy at work uses the CD24 exclusively (records FM broadcasts) and loves it, though he plays them back only on the Masterlink. I know computers will play back the CD24 (so I am told) and other than the Masterlink, I don't know if any others. I'm curious if one of my Blu-Ry players support it.

I have made a few tweaks to/with the Masterlink, which brought it to a pretty awesome level. I use the MoFi Gold CDr-s, added Walker Audio Valid points, Shunyata Python Vx Alpha power cord, and conected to Benchmark DAC with an AES-EBU cable by Apogee (Wyde-Eye). I thought the sound of the Masterlink Hard drive was pretty awesome but going through the Benchmark-wow! Enjoy it and good luck with it. It is extremely versatile and reading the manual a few times will reap some nice rewards for you.
I go record out of my Ayre K1x preamp via Oritek X-2 interconnects into a Wadia 17 AD converter then XLR digital via Yammamura Millenium digital cable to the digital in on the Masterlink. This is far and away better than simply going analog in on the Masterlink. I get recordings from vinyl that are superiour sounding to most any commercially bought CDs.
Do any of you owners have a feel for how good the Masterlink would be as one's primary CD transport? I.e., is it a good transport sonically and in terms of the user experience (remote, ease of use, responsiveness, etc.)
I used a Masterlink as a transport for a while with great results. However, mine was modified by Paul Weitzel at TRL who uses a Masterlink for mix downs of recordings he makes. According to Paul the analog inputs and outputs are the weak links of this unit. Digital in and out is the way to go.

For $750 Paul will modify a Masterlink and take it to another level altogether.
I bought a modded unit from Balanced Power Technology. It makes phenomenal recordings. I have recorded some of the new very high resolution discs - XRCD24 and K2HD - and they dubs sound even better than the stunning original recordings.

The modded unit I have is a very nice CD player. The hard drive probably sounds a little better than the disc drive, but both sound excellent. I also have a Meridian G08 CD player. The Alesis unit does not have the air and delicacy of the Meridian though.
I purchased a Masterlink to use for LP archival. Currently my turntable is down, so I haven't had the opportunity to use it for that purpose. I compared the Masterlink, playing a CD to the same CD played on my Esoteric DV-50. No contest there. The Esoteric was better in every regard.

I sent my Masterlink to a modifier to be hotrodded. He sent it back and UPS destroyed it. It was shipped in the original manufacturer's double boxed carton, suspended inside in the original foam. The box came back crushed and torn. Upon inspecting the unit, there was no external damage at all but the player was dropped sooooo hard that the insides were shaken loose.

UPS refused to honor the claim, stating that the packaging did not meet UPS guidelines. I've never been offered any info by UPS regarding packaging guidelines. Additionally, as the player was not externally damaged, it is my contention that the packaging did its job perfectly. However, regardless of how well packed a player is, it can still be dropped hard enough to do internal damage regardless of guidelines.

I'm really wishing the claims person would send me his player packed to UPS specs so I could destroy it for him. I think it's only fair. I turned the player in to UPS claims and more than a month has gone by and I still don't have any word on when I will see it again.
So sorry to hear that! I feel your frustration.
There really should be a better system in place to protect us customers from financial losses such as yours.
Has anyone ever sued ups? I would wager yes! They need to pay big to learn a lesson.
That's one of the biggest reasons why I haven't modded my Alesis. I don't want to worry about the shipping. Other reason is that my buddy modded his and although the CD sound is better, his FM recordings now pick up FM noise (actually a slight hiss), which wasn't picked up before. Perhaps the recording circuit is now more sensitive but be careful what you wish for.
Alesis as transport is a dull and grey.
Yeah I sued UPS and won when they denied responsibility for damaging a CD player I paid insurance on. I came out smelling like a rose on the deal too.
Good for you Ejlif.
And now you can get a nicer(more resolution) player, maybe a Korg Mr1000.
On the alesis unit:
Quite happy with the results, cd's sound very good in car system! I am glad I purchased the masterlink.
Peter, did you tried recording some analog yet?
Yes Mariusz,
I only did vinyl so far, and it's ok. But not the same by a long shot when played on my main system.
Agreed with the vinyl comparison on a stock unit. Much better on a properly modded one.
Thanks Peter and do keep in touch.