Alert! Soundmarkt in Berlin Germany Company is totally SCAM!

Hi, Members!
 I was trying to purchased FM Acoustics 611 Power amplifier from Soundmarkt in Germany but The guy someone who sales person Stephan is fake and Website and company is fake too.I just waist wire fees so please get out from them.
I am glad you did not lose too much. Frankly, I do not know why anyone would be trusting of such transactions. I am always thinking about scams and ripoffs. I take extreme precautions before I arrange for exchanges..if any.
There are too many people looking to deceive, steal money or information....even when the buyer does not see the immediate danger.
I'm new to this site.  How can you trust buying used equipment from some private party?  I'm not sending a cashier's check.  Sounds like it's risky buying from a supposedly reputable company let alone some guy from Aspen or the Upper East Side.


Thank You for sharing this information. Hope you did not lose too much money.