Alernatives for Rowland model 10

I have Audio Artistry speakers (main panels and unpowered subs w active xover) and this speakers needs 2 identical amps to sound the best. Most AA owners use JRDG amps I have been told and I like the Rowland sound; a warm and almost tubelike sound but with big dynamics. But heer in Scandinavia model 10 are very rare used. Is there another amp for around 4000USD used or new that can be compared to m 10 on sound? Gryphon,Plinius (plinius250 is much cheaper here than JRDG m 10) or others?

I used to own Model 10; terrific amp. If you like that sound, unfortunately, you will have to pony up and buy JRDG. Closest I find to that sound are the older Pass Aleph amps, and the new Belles 350A is close to that sound too. Otherwise, go tubes.
Hi Ulf

Go for the Pass Labs X-150($4000 new retail),warm,detailed ,sweet and extremely Musical!!

Check out Odyssey Stratos amps at Read the reviews found there and then compare.
Perhaps it tells one something about the point that most AA owner use JRCG. I am currently using it to drive my Maggies 1.6 QR and haven't find another more satisfying alternative even thought some might say that using the model 10 in my case is a little overkill.
Actually I am thinking of upgrading it to a model 12. $4k seems like a good buy if you can find one. Had a friend who sold it for $4.8K.
Happy hunting and enjoy the process!