Aleph mini for Epos M5 spkrs

I just purchased a Aleph mini clone and use it with a pair of Mission 750 limited edition spkrs. I had a pair of the ELS-3 that were traded(silly boy)and thought of going back to Epos. My question is will the 4ohm and 88db spec pose a problem. The mini is only 10 watts class A and sounds really good with the Missions(thanks Tim and Quoc). Saw a ad for some M5's and could possibly trade the 750's in. I listen mostly to old school jazz and don't headbang. Thanks for all the info and enjoy the music.
the mini clone is probably a problem with either speaker. both need more power. 25 to 30wpc minimum.
Thanks for your response Jaybo. I do have the bpa 300 to use but the mini is on a differenht level sonically.
I'm a little late here, but I also own a mini built by Tim and use it with my Totem Arro's.
They are 4ohm, 85 or 87db(can't remember) and sound great with the Aleph.
By coincidence, I also own a bpa200.2(dual mono)
The bpa provides more robust, tighter bass than the Aleph, but otherwise cannot compete against it.
The Aleph is hooked up most of the time.