Aleph 3 with Micro Utopia?

Has anyone lived with this combo?

Thanks a lot.
probably none, he...he!

Can you tell me why you think this?

certainly, not enough power. might even clip.
consider plinius SA100 -- super amp!
or vtl MB100 that you can get used for the same price as aleph 3 used.
About 2 months ago, I heard the Micro Utopias with the JM Lab Electra 900 sub. I'll tell you, this combo sounded amazing. It sounded very articulate and the bass was fast and tight. I heard the Micro Utopias on a Meridian 557 Amp.
Souporhero- please pay no attention to Marakanetz's mid-fi

I owned an A-3 and it's a great amp. Based on the Micro's
specs it will drive them just fine.

I own speakers with Focal drivers, like the Micro, they can sing with low power.

The A-3 is a music lovers amp.

If you want more solid state power, check out the small Spectral amps.

Your other alternative is a good small tube amp(one or two
output drivers per channel.


The Micro Utopias have a 90 dB efficiency at 8 ohms and have a suggested power rating of 30-100 W

The Aleph 3 is rated at 30W into 8 ohms

Having more clean power is always better than not having enough, but I am not really looking to have a block party with this set up.

The thing is, I already have the amp. Have you heard the Aleph line with these speakers?

I haven't heard them with this amp but I assume that monitors definitely benefit from higher power despite being efficient. Their impedance drops to 4 ohms easily.
If you're into the chamber music and small band than it migt be OK but for large orchestras or rock it might not be enough.

The Aleph 3 is rated at 60wpc at 4 ohms.
i did not deny that speakers will sing with A3 but they won't rock.
what's hi-fi if not plinius sa100?
anything above 10k?
Marakanetz- first Aloha is a greeting not my name(Kana).
A-3s are avaiable for under $1K, an SA-100 is $4.5K, but my point was it's mid-fi thinking that more power means more music.

The A-3 can drive this load. If Souporhero wants to rock out, A-5s are currently list for around $1.5K or he can add a powered sub like I did.

If I had money to burn,and wanted more power I'd go for a pair of the new Parasound JC-1 monos.