Aleph 3 vs. Aleph 30 volksamp , or Aleph 5

My next amp will be an Aleph. I'm interested in opinions. My goal are the 'pure,' tuhe-like quality of these amps. Accurate soundstage and something that would reproduce acoustic material well. The 3, and the 30 are similar, the 3 having a more unorthodox square heatsink design. Simply, which sounds better. I'll be driving a pair of 4ohm, DIY MTM's of my own design using Scanspeak 5" revelators and an Espeakers G3(ribbon length of about 5 inches. I'll eventually get a tube pre of decent quality. I have a BAT in mind.
Also, to get a little more power, I'm considering the Aleph 5 which I believe is 60W into 8 ohms, and probably 90W into 4 ohms. Would the Aleph 5 sacrificing a little sound quality for a little more power. It has more mosfets, hence slightly less simple and pure in design from the lower power Alephs.
Lastly, the MTM's will be electrically crossed over above 70 to 90 hz. depending on placement and room interaction. So, these little amps will have a little less strain by not reproducing sub=bass.
I posted a reply to you under your response in "favorite pass amp".

Nice speakers, tell me about their sonic signature. I love DIY speakers. My next ones will be single driver Fostex 8" units to conplement my Aleph 30. Amp and speakers are pure and simple in design. Email me and we can talk more.

I believe the only difference in the 3 vs 30 is the heatsink design to make the 30 more conventional looking.

Are your speakers 4 or 8 ohm? Sensitivity? You may not need the 60w Aleph 5 especially since you're going to use a sub.

Also, you can email Nelson Pass at nelson@passlabs. He responds to inquiries very quickly.

Since you're looking for tube like sound, another thought is to simply buy a tube amp...that's what I'd do.

Good luck.
There is much more to the design than heat sink and chassis design.

The specs are different. The "30" outputs less wattage into 4 ohms. 45w vs. 60w into 4 ohms, while both put out 30w in 8 ohms. The "30" has a higher input impedance so it mates better with other preamps, especially tubes. "30" has 47k while "3" has only 23k input impedance.

The "30" has 50% more power caps and 50% more matched output transistors.

The "30" is more dynamic with better bass and lower noise.

The "30" is a definite upgrade to the "3".

I had a Pass 30 and very much enjoyed it. Now into tubes, so not sure I'd equate "tube-like" with what tubes do/sound like, even entry-level tubes (eg, Sophia Baby). Regardless, the Pass 30 is a nice amp, and you shouldn't be disappointed.