Aleph 3 vs Aleph 30 Volksamp

Anyone know how these amps compare?
I haven't read anything on the Volksamp, and I
know how "improvements" can sometimes wreck a
great design.
Dick Olsher wrote a very positive review on the Aleph 30 in "
Peter at Pass says they're the same.
Actually, we feel that the Aleph 30 is an improvement over the original Aleph 3. It has a far more convenient front panel power switch, the ability to accept balanced as well as single-ended inputs, an input impedance of 47Kohms vs 23 Kohms on the original, and one more TO3 MOSFET device per channel on the output stage. While similar in the warmth, intimacy, silky smooth top end and lush midrange of the original, the Aleph 30 is firmer in the bass and overall more versatile than its predecessor.
Peter at Pass
I have not heard the Aleph 3 before. However, the 30 is a great sounding amp. It has great sound stage, very dynamic and detailed, and an awesome midrange. I used the balanced input driving by a Threshold FET-10/e. The speakers are Thiel 3.5. Even though it is rated at 30w/c, it didn't seem to have any problem driving the Thiels. The Thiels are quite inefficient at 87 db with a nominal impedance of 3.5 ohms.