Aleph 3 versus Cary CAD 50MKII on Thiel CS1.6

I have recently switched from solid state 200X2 integrated to a handbuilt tube pre-amp and a Dynaco Stereo 70 on a pair of Thiel CS1.6's. I am far happier with the sound. Contemplating an Aleph 3 or a pr. of Cary CAD 50MKII
(push pull triode at 25w or 50 "linear class A". Anybody care to comment on a few thoughts I have would be greatly appreciated. 1) Will the Cary be sonically less powerful,equal or a bit more oomp versus the Dynaco? I would certainly expect the Cary's to sound better than the Stereo 70, it's the power difference that concerns me as far as this discussion gpoes.
2) How much more oomp (slam) will the Aleph produce versus either of the tube designs?
I think you should try a pair of Aleph 2s on your Thiels.
I'm sure an Aleph 3 will drive them, but you should remember that Class A solid state has NO headroom. When you over-drive the Aleph 3 your speakers will not be happy!
I own a pair of Aleph 2s (I use them on the panels of my Apogee Mini-Grands). I also own an Aleph 3 & an Aleph 30,
the Aleph 3 sold me on the Aleph sound.... They both work fine on small monitors...
OR find a pair of Aleph 60s-monoblocs always sound better!
I own a pair of Thiels 1.6 and the Aleph 3. I have had this combination for 11 months and what a sweet 11 months it has been. You can't go wrong if your room is not too big.
It's hard to beat the sound of an Aleph 3. There is a sweetness and purity that is very expensive to replace. Give it serious consideration.