Aleph 3 Buzzing noise

I have an Aleph 3 that has started making a buzzing noise.All connections check out good, Any ideas? Caps?
Where and who would some one recommend for service? I am in the St.louis area, Thanks
Loose power transformer?
Do you hear noise in both channels? Also, does it change with volume? Lastly, are you certain its the amp and not one of your other components?
Is this a mechanical buzzing sound coming from the amp or is the buzz coming through the speakers? If its a mechanical sound from he amp itself it may be the transformer. I once had an amp many years ago where the transformer buzzed- the transformer was delaminating.
I recently had my Aleph 3 serviced by Pass Labs. They do a great job.

You can start by contacting them via email at:

Highly recommended.
Jameswei is right, Pass does have a good service department. One of my 0's burst into flames one day when I turned it on. When they gave it back to me, it was perfect. Never caught on fire again, either.
Thank you , I have been in touch with Pass, thanks for the good advice