Aleph 3 amp for Theta Miles

Hi. Just upgraded a rega planet to Theta miles. I am now wondering if it would make sense to plug the Miles directly into an amp (aleph 3?) vs my Bryston B60 integrated....
I run Von Schweikert VR4 gen 1 speakers...
The Theta Miles uses an analog volume control, which should preserve your signal information versus a digital control. It could work quite well playing directly into your Aleph 3. I currently have a Mark Levinson 390s CD player with analog volume control playing directly into an Aleph 3, and it sounds great. Since you already have the Bryston preamp, I would urge you to try it both ways and pick your favorite. Let us know!
makes perfect sense to me, less electronics in between the signal. I use a benchmark dac1 as my pre-amp to feed my Aleph 3 amp and the synergy is incredible. I use an adcom cd player to feed my benchmark dac1 via co-axial cable and bypassing the adcom dac. my adcom cd player has the abily to be used as a pre-amp as well (has a volume control)but the benchmark is a much better dac then the one in the cd player. This is minialist 2 channel system. hope this helps, let us know which way you go.