Aleph 2 needs CD/pre. "P",Adcom,Wadia?

Just got Aleph 2 monoblocks for Verity Audio Encores. Understand Alephs aren't passively drivable. Should I chase an Aleph P, Adcom GFP750, or other preamp, and limp along with my Rotel RCD855 until the revolution, or get a Wadia 831 in September and kill two birds...? What's a Resolution Audio CD50? Can/should I get one now and forget about preamplification? Thanks...I'm lost.
I posted on your other thread as well. I used the Aleph 2s with the GFP 750 and a Meridian player and got more drive than I get with the Wadia 860x without the preamp. The GFP 750 in passive mode should work great unless your speakers are not very efficient. I have Dunlavy 4s (91db efficiency) I also have a Rotel 855 and I can tell you firsthand that if you upgrade to a Wadia you will get sound that is in another league compared to the Rotel and a preamp. If you don't care about switching sources then forget the preamp.
I have had these amps before. I suggest an active preamp and a tube unit at that. The Joule-Electra preamp ( is a wonderful match. Regards, Mike
Kill two birds with the Wadia....why get a preamp if you only have one source? But, if you do have to get a pre, then IMO you cant do better the either the Pass or the Adcom. Good luck!
I have had the Aleph 2's in my system for about 6 months now. I LOVE their sound, with my Audible Illusions Modulus 3A preamp and Aerial Acoustics 10T loudspeakers.
Found/bought an Aleph P before I could find a used Wadia 830, so that's what I'll use with my old Rotel '855 until the 831 or some new-fangled universal player if that's viable relatively soon. Thanks for the help, guys.