Aleph 1.2

Can anyone give a brief as to the overall characteristic of this amp. I am thinking of buying a pair but I have only heard the Aleph 2. I found the Aleph 2 to be a bit cool sounding, but I have heard that the 1.2 has a warmer sound, can anyone confirm or just offer general comments? I have heard the Aleph 3 but it was long ago and it is not in the same category as the 1.2 thus I don't think it would be a relevant reference even if I did fully remember its character. Regards, Mike
I have heard the Aleph 1.2 and Aleph 5 as well as own an Aleph 4. The Aleph amps are known for having a laid back, forgiving, mellow sound with great extension at the frequency extremes. They are not the last word in bass slam or dynamics, but have a very refined, detailed sound with broad soundstage and excellent separation between instruments. IMO, these are among the finest amps sold regardless of price. I would say that the Aleph 1.2 is no exception to the characteristics of the other Alephs. Perhaps you heard the Alephs with cool sounding speakers or equipment?
I don't want to leave you with the wrong impression when I say they are mellow. They are extremely neutral throughout the frequency range. If you are looking for any deviation from perfection, you might find them just a little soft in the upper midrange. But still, they are some of the most neutral amps out there.
Rayhall: Thank you very much for taking time to answer my query. I greatly value and appreciate your insight. Best regards, Mikeam
They are fantastic. Clean airy and natural. One thing to make sure, is that they have sufficiently warmed up (1 hour+) before you listen to them.