Alejandro Fernandez

Any other Alejandro Fernandez fans out there?
His CD "Origiones" is now becoming one of my favorites.
My wife had it in her car & when I first heard it - It sounded great.
I took her CD & made a copy for myself - I then played it on my system & was floored by his voice & arrangements.
His diction is perfect & even if you do not understand Spanish, I think you will understand some of what he's putting across.
He does a very nice duet with Gloria Estafan as a bonus on this CD, but his voice is the main ingredient & showcased here.
I have since made several copies for my friends & everyone has thanked me for something very special.
Can be found on Amazon dot com for a very reasonable price.
I have a couple more of his CD's (Exitos & Me Estoy Enamorando) but think this is him at his best.
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Thanks for the recommendation, I enjoy finding new talent as well.

Have you heard of Rodgrigo Rodriguez "the Prayer"?
His father, Vincente Fernandez, is a mariachi legend. I have to dig out my Vinente and Alejandro CDs and check out your recommendations. Thanks for the tip.
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