Albums you do not get...a plea for help and understanding

So like most of you (I bet), I listen to tons of music.  But there are just some albums I never learned to appreciate.  I hope this thread can serve as a teaching tool.  I did not get Mingus at first but now he is one of my favorites.

Perhaps ending each post with, "What am I missing?" would be a good idea.

I will start with Graceland by Paul Simon.  Most of my friends call me crazy (still after all these years...OUCH that was bad) but I never desire to listen to this record.  I get the African influence and rhythm but it just does not impress me.  Alternatively when Peter Gabriel did the African influence thing I found it stunningly good. Paul Simon as a musician impresses me in his other works.  What am I missing?


Dear Frank Zappa disparagers/trolls!

 A lot of FZ’s music was written about turnips like yourselves. Put on some Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin, loudly, and dance around the room.  Ye haw! 
 BTW I’m a big Steely Dan/Donald Fagan too.


Why the need to defend Frank Zappa? He played with talanted musicians and attempted to be clever and unique with his music/lyrics. After awhile his "shitck" becomes worn out and even corny! 

@sls141 love me some Zeppelin, but never did get the stuff between "IV" and "In Through The Out Door".  There is the occasional song, but as a collection these albums are mostly forgettable.

What am I missing?

@dayglow  - and on those early albums on Verve, FZ's 'attempts' at being 'clever and unique' were 100% successful and then some, in my view.

I enjoyed the few after that as well, including the instrumental albums 'Hot Rats' and 'Waka Jawaka'. But I agree that after awhile, his humor started becoming a bit more 'frat-boy'-ish and I lost interest. But from 'Freak Out' through 'Uncle Meat', that's some seriously great stuff (though 'Lumpy Gravy' just confuses me).... 

@larsman    +1   Your correct. 

Yes, Frank Zappa was very innovative and successful with his early works in avoiding "The Beatles" sound signature. IMO The Doors were the most exemplary band of the late 1960's when regarding a unique style of pop music.