Albums that you listen to straight through / start to finish whenever you put them on!

So I have a few albums that whenever I play them I listen to the whole thing in sequence from beginning to end.
Of course some albums are meant to be that way, they are called concept albums. However, my question is not just for the obvious concept albums per se but for any album you play start to finish because it is strong throughout. All genres are included here so no limits on music preferences.

I’ll start with a few that come to mind -
The Moody Blues - The Days of Future Passed 
Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon
Alan Parsons Project- I Robot 
Miles Davis - In a Silent Way
Weather Report - Black Market 

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It's rare when I don't listen to an entire LP side. It goes down to fifty/seventy-five percent for both LP sides. Listening to an entire multi-disk opera? Rarely.
All, I thought everyone did.  Well at least they should.
All, I thought everyone did. Well at least they should. thoughts exactly.
Very rare I don't listen to the whole album if vinyl. If streaming from computer, not so much. Then there is a lot of "That reminds me of this..." going on.