Albums on Bluray ???

Anyone have albums on Bluray?

I have seen a few for sale on Amazon, but not sure what the sonic benefit is...since my Bluray player is my transport and running into my PS DAC3. Wouldn't it likely just sound the same as a CD?

If not, any suggestions what I should buy? I like all music. Metal to Ambient.
Well, if the recordings were made in one of the new high-res formats like DTS HD Master Audio format you won't get it through the PS DAC3. If your Blu-ray player is a good one you can hook up either the analog multi-channel or stereo outputs directly to your preamp and get the higher resolution that way. If the Blu-ray player is not so good the PS DAC3 might still sound better but you might want to compare and see.

If the Blu-ray lacks analog outputs and only has an HDMI output then there might not be much you can do other than buying a better Blu-ray player or a digital processor that provides the new high-res formats via HDMI input. But you won't be able to get the newer formats over S/PDIF coax or TosLink optical.
Very cool, thank you.

I have a Panasonic BD85, set it to output 96khz audio. Sounds like that likely does not make a dif, tho, since the PS DAC3 won't accept the 96khz signal...
I have Tom Petty Live Anthology, Mojo, Soundstage and Damn the Torpedoes. The sound quality on all of these is far superior to previous releases.
Check out the Katherine Jenkins 'Believe, Live from the O2' Blu-Ray. It outputs three different audio formats. The dts audio is really outstanding. The visuals are stunning. Hope the tour comes to the US this year.
The OP is requesting ALBUMS in the Blu-ray format and not just concerts that happen to be available on Blu-ray.
Lol, this is true, Synthfreek...!

Bring it. Please.
The problem is that there simply aren't many at all to suggest. The Neil Young Archives box, the Pixies box, Trent Reznor's Social Network soundtrack, the actual Inception blu-ray has an isolated score in high res on the bonus disc...that's nearly everything.
I have the inception Blu Ray, thanks for the heads up on that. I ordered The Police, live on Bluray...Obviously I, and I think you too, would probably love UFO Orb, Computerworld, Orbital 2, etc, on Bluray. Just for 2 channel awesomeness.

I think Blutech, Phutreprimitive, The Egg, and Ott sound great on my system...but there I go diverging from my own thread.

: )
Tom Petty Blu-ray ALBUMS are Damn the Torpedoes, Mojo, and The Live Anthology. (Soundstage is indeed a concert- probably the best quality live concert I have ever seen - for SQ and picture Q - obviously you have to like the music but it is superior to anything else by a rather long way)
Bought Police Live show...not an album, obviously, but it's AWESOME.