Album which you have listened to most?

We all have favourites and we all keep going back to them every now and then. Some maybe permanently lying next to our systems and have been for years.

Is there an album or two or three at the most which gets most of your attention and is played on your system most often? Not necessarily the best sounding but the one which you are emotionally attached to.

I thought I would ask for a single album but to make it easier for all you may name three of them.

If you have have had the album for more than five years, it qualifies for inclusion here.

The reason I decided to post this message is because I am interested in buying something interesting and if there are only ten people responding it means 30 albums for me to be on the lookout for.

Thanks a lot for your input (if you have read this far I know you will post your three albums also) :-)
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Buffalo Springfield- Buffalo Springfield
The Doors- The Doors
Gustav Mahler- Das Lied Von Der Erde/ Bruno Walter (try to limit listening though as it's so damn sad).
Jean Sibelius- 5th Symphony/ Colin Davis. (needed to include as balance to G.M.)
I used to have the Buff Spring album, and saw them in Denver back in '68, along with the Strawberry Alarm Clock ...
There is one CD that still rings my bell ... Chris Potter's "Follow the Red Line" ... there's an awful lot of fine music out there, but with this CD I always wonder why I wasted my life doing what I do ... for the effort/music on that CD are spellbinding.
Either the DVD or the CD of the Band's--The Last Waltz

Rolling Stones--Let it Bleed

John Henry--Short Man's Room he's married to Madonna's sister

DaDa--First album

Schubert Quintet w/ 2 cellos 1st & 2nd movement are unbelievable

Dvorak-New World Symphony

Frank Zappa--almost anything by him & also the Mothers of Invention

The Police--almost any of their albums

Neil Young--Harvest & Live at Massey

The Who-- Who's Next, Quadrophrenia, & The Who Sell-Out

Pete Townshend & Ronnie Lane--Rough Mix (excellent)

The Shins--probably all 3 of their albums

The Decemberists--1st album

October Project--1st album

and many more
Nicole Benedetti playing Ralph Vaughn Williams Lark Ascending

Rob Wasserman "Trios" (his other compilations are nowhere near the same league as this one)

Mum- Yesterday Was Dramatic, today is OK