Album Recommendations for Magnepans

I just got a new pair of Magnepan .7's to go with a Rogue Pharaoh and Rel T7.  I'm interested in hearing what your favorite albums to listen on Magnepans are.
How about an early press "Who's Next" a personal all-time fave ...... Keith Moon is excellent.
Jennifer Warnes "The Hunter"
Eva Cassidy "Live At Blues Alley"
Hugh Masekela "Hope"
Smooth Jazz plays the Classic Hits! "Cover Story"   (well recorded good dynamics)
Stevie Wonder’s Talking Book album comes to mind. One of the Maggies greatest strengths are their punchy mid-and-upper-bass (most Maggies don’t play the 20Hz-40Hz bottom octave of deep bass), which this album is full of. Stevie plays drums on the album by the way, and is an interesting player. In Classical, there is an album on Nonesuch entitled Percussion Music which benefits from the Maggie abilities.