Album of the year?

Ok it's getting towards that time of year-be interested to see what everybody thinks and maybe get a few pointers for other purchases on CD's released this year.Here's my top 5. 1.The Great Eastern-The Delgados(chemical underground records)-melodic( but complex arrangements) indie band featuring both male and female vocalists-well recorded-Glasgow's best kept secret. 2.The Kingsbury Manx-Kingsbury Manx-(City Slang-American band who are an original slant/cut above on the usual Beach Boys/Country/pop type influences-good production. 3.Alone With Everybody-Richard Ashcroft(Virgin/Hut)-great easly-listening album from ex-Verve singer-strangely slated by UK music press-big but not totally successful production 4.Smile-The Jayhawks(American)-their most commercial album-usual strong songs/harmonies-big effective Bob Ezrin production. 5.Kid A-Radiohead(Parlophone)-decent stab at electronica mixed with their usual downbeat epicness-interesting cut and past/jarring production.
For me its got to be Cowboy Junkies recently released CD "Waltz Across America". Note: this CD is only available on their website Cheers. Craig.
Wake the Dead? Who?Group?Album title? Ben
Group and album title.
Queens of the Stone Age - Rated R includes Josh Homme and Nick Oliveri from KYUSS it has it all from Hard Rock to Ballads(although they rock as well) and the amounts of different sounds on the album is unbelievable
Switchblade Symphony/group, Three Calamities/album, released 6/99. I love this album, I describe it as gothic/trip hop, people who like Massive Attack "Mezzanine" will love this album. Very good recording for mainstream label, check out some real audio clips at, two women lead singers spin a dark hypnotic web that will mesmorize you.
ben harper and the innocent criminals - burn to shine
when you say album i assume vinyl
Underworld's 'Everything Everything'. Thanks for the tip Megasam. I was always curious about S.S. and like Mezzanine well enough. Have you heard Coil? I would like to know if they are any good before I shell out the big bucks for thier imported only albums.
Emmyloy Harris' "Red Dirt Girl" is growing on me. Not everybody likes the heavily processed sound though. Cheers.
KaseyChambers "The Captain"
I really am enamored with Shelby Lynne's "I am Shelby Lynne" Soulful and real. Able to move me, which is something that qualifies it as a long term survivor in the heavy rotation.
New: The Water is Wide by Charles Lloyd and "Waltz Accross America" by Cowboy Junkies.

Favorite old albums just discovered: 'Talking Book' by Stevie Wonder, "Bring the Family" by John Hiatt, and 'The Lady in Satin" by Billie Holiday.
Agree about Shelby Lynne, it really is terrific. Also David Gray's "White Ladder".
Keb'Mo' / The Door Coldplay / Parachutes
Paul Simon, "Your the One." Has got to be one of the best sounding Rock album of all time. The percussion will hit you silly. Steely Dan, "Two Against Nature." This is one that only gets better and better after repeated listening. At first I wasn't even sure I liked it.
Dick's Pick's Volume 18. I had to vote this one as no one else was going to. :^)
Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks "Beatin the Heat"...what a comeback!
Emerson String Quartet: the complete Shostakovich string quartets The Yardbirds: Cumular Limit
3 nominees: John Hiatt Crossing Muddy Water; Steve Earle Transcendental Blues; Emmylou Harris, Red Dirt Girl