Album cover repair-Help

I have many album covers in need of repair. Is there any specific type/brand of tape (f/seam splits) or a specific adhesive to re-glue covers coming apart? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
white glue works well along with glass wax for could also use book binding material on the inside not outside. A cheap way is using construction paper with white glue on the inside of the cover.Cut the paper in 2" width and length of the jacket fold the construction paper and slide it inside and glue it dries fast and its neat.
Here is some very good info:
I use a special tape from light impressions that is archival. you can reverse/peel it off with heat and it doesnt stick or leave residue
AVOID "SCOTCH TAPE" at all costs. "Scotch tape' is the repair from hell. (only duct tape and painter's masking tape is worse)
Better to leave it alone and use a plastic outer sleeve.
Thank you all for your help. I now have
a host of options to try (and not try!)