Album Cover art with Logitech Touch


I started a thread last week with regards to the Touch and Duet and I got around to getting a Logitech Touch which is being connected to an external DAC. I for the life of me can't get album art displayed on the Touch, which are stored in iTunes. Anybody out there experience the same issues?
have you checked the "use iTunes" box? Call Logitech or check online on the forum
I mean on the Logitech forum, not here
Yes, I have had the trouble as you descibed.
I did a complete rescan and changed many settings and the cover art appeared.
I should tell you though the cover art is very small and quite frankly I dont know if it is worth all the effort.

But, now after several hundred more ripped CD's and many rescans later the cover art is gone again.
I cant seem to be able to recreate whatever I did before to get it to display.

Dont bother to call Logitech there help was useless.
iTunes and cover art with my DUET never worked especially well. Suffice I re-ripped everything to FLAC (and AIFF) simultaneously (ty dBPowerAmp, various Metadata suppliers, Google Images, etc) and used the FLAC versions for the squeeze server.

Am assuming Touch would respond amicably to such an approach. Best.
Bmc is correct. FLAC is the native format for Squeexebox server and it responds best to it. I have little experience with Itunes or Apple formats (and hope I never do!) but some formats, WAV for example do not support art and metadata well. you may find simply switching to FLAC will correct all your issues. I use DB Poweramp as well for ripping and converting. The batch converter works extremely well if you need to change a large catalog.

Now you tell me. I have just ripped 1200 Cd's to Apple Lossless.
Can these be converted to FLAC ?
Yes and it's very easy to do with the batch converter. I am surprised that the art issue is occurring with Apple Losless though...hmmm. Since the rescan corrected it I am guessing it was just a freak thing. Mine does it on new scans sometimes and every now and then I do a full rescan and things correct.

Check out DBpoweramp's site and you will find plenty of info on the tools including the converter. They have a useful forum as well.
Ozzy: Ensuing should help