album cleaning solution

What do you use for your album cleaning solution. I just picked up a Nitty Gritty and I have a bunch of old albums that need cleaning.

I know that you are new here but please use the forum search function. There are many questions on this very topic that have been answered many times over the years.

There are several that you can make yourself and save some dough.
Be sure to stop at Walmart and pick up a $20 steam unit. No one is serious about cleaning records if they don't have one, even if you have a $4K ultrasonic unit.
Are you saying that there will never be a new cleaning solution, new information will never come up and this subject should be band from ever being discussed again. Interesting

Thanks for your help
Westend - no need to be defensive . . . what Tom is saying is there is a wealth of discussion on this subject already in the archives and it will be very beneficial (and very easy) for you to search there. On this thread you may receive a few responses, maybe more, but in the archives there are probably hundreds on this subject.

What you may find there in the archives is a post or 2 from me saying I have used Nitty Gritty, and prefer to make my own solution. It's easy and really cheap. You will also find many others who really prefer other solutions.

by the way, indeed there may not ever be a new cleaning solution. Maybe one that's simply re-branded, but different . . .?
This is my current process. I have a VPI 16.5
1. Mofi Enzyme Plus, coat record with VPI brush(or hunt carbon brush). Spin record with vertical VPI brush (or hunt carbon brush) for 1 minute.
2. Let sit for 3-5 minutes
3. Steam with steamer 1.5 to 2 inches from record, total about 10 seconds from the inside to the outside of the record with VPI brush (or hunt carbon brush).
4. vacuum
5. repeat 3 and 4.
6. Steam with steamer 1.5 to 2 inches from record, total about 10 seconds from the inside to the outside of the record. (no brush this time).
7. Vacuum
8. Coat with Mofi Super Record Wash, Spin record with VPI brush (dedicated one, not the same brush from Enzyme) for about 5 - 10 seconds
I should have added
10. Put record in Mofi Original Master Sleeve. I keep the original sleeve as well, but the cleaned record goes in a new Mofi Sleeve.
I find the records stay very clean this way, since you are not putting your record back in a dirty paper sleeve.
11. I used a Mofi felt brush on the record player to get the dust off, if any, from the transfer to the turntable.

It Mofi Original Master Sleeves are not cheap, but I think it is worth it, if you are going to play that record more than once. Since it keeps the records pristine between plays and doesn't require additional cleanings between plays.
There are tons of discussions on record cleaning, but if you are just starting out, I would recommend you purchase a 16 oz. bottle of Nitty Gritty Pure2 fluid and use according to the directions NG provides. If they look especially grungy, I would pre-wash them in the sink with a new, soft sponge and some Dawn dishwashing detergent, but that's only for the hard cases. For anything that looks decent, one or two cleanings with the NG will get you started. Again, this is for starters. As you will find out, there are one-step, two-step, three-step and four-step cleaning products, not to mention steaming. So get started with the Pure2 and listen to some music. It may be all you ever require, depending on how demanding you are of your vinyl. Sort of like with cars - some find a one-step wax product to be fine, while others demand a multi-step machine-polished finish. Just depends on how critical you are. Have fun.
can you share what steam unit you refer too? I have a garment steamer but have never thought of using it to clean LP's. I would like to try it on some of my stubborn
LP's but have always been afraid of over heating the vinyl.
Can you post a brand/model for us?
I like the Audio Intelligent products. You can purchase them from several online vendors, or directly from the manufacturer (
Maybe someone can answer this one for me. Records that I buy new sound terrible. I'm not talking about NOS, but records that were recently made. For the most part, I find them unlistenable. Sounds like a box of cereal. It doesn't seem to matter what type of record it is; audiophile pressing or regular. For cleaning I have an Orbitrack 2 and the Finyl system. Multiple cleanings really don't make any difference at all. When I get older records that are in good shape, they sound fine. I have no clue what the problem is but I put off getting better equipment until I find out what the problem is. I know that nothing is broken in the system and that everything is well matched and set up properly. This is definitely an issue with the records and not the equipment.
Brother l feel your pain also. I have purchased quite a few albums in recent years with the same problem. I have noticed that the albums that sound like a bowl of rice krispies have this white haze on them. These are brand new records I am talking about. I have tried everything I have to remove this haze but nothing works. I have tried steam cleaning, I've tried the 4 step Ai cleaning method with my Loricraft RCM. I have also tried several other brands of record cleaning solutions with no success. This stuff will not come off. It appears to be part of the pressing process since I find this haze on all different record manufacturers products. Does anyone know what this is ?
When I get an album with this white haze on it, I send it back and request a replacement.
I agree you should be a pre made solution. Its not that expensive, and after 20 years, I still use pre made stuff
Which records have this white haze?

Just to confirm, that is exactly the same problem that I have.
Wow, I have purchased probably 100 new albums in the past year and none have the issue you are talking about. All of the new albums have been either new releases or reissues in 180g and some 45rpm reissues. No problems whatsoever. so, I would be interested to know specific albums you have found this problem on.
I haven't noticed any white haze with the records I have problems with. I soon as I get a chance, I will check to see if I missed it.
Here is a short list of New Albums that I have purchased and sent back for replacement:

Adele 21....3x before I got a good copy
Joe Walsh...Analog Man
Eric Johnson...Ah Via Musicom (180 gram)

Last Friday I just received The Dark Knight Rises: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Limited Edition 180 Gram Vinyl) [Soundtrack]. Side One has this white haze and it sounds terrible! I am sending it back today to Amazon for a replacement.

All of albums that I have listed were all brand new and sealed. They were purchased from several different places and are all different record labels. So I can't blame one vendor or record label.

I read on the Audiogon forum a few years ago, there was a discussion about record surface noise on brand new albums and one member talked about his experiences when he worked as a record stamper for one of the record labels. He stated that if the stamper got too hot during the stamping process, it would start to crystallize the vinyl and that is one reason why there would be a lot of surface noise on a brand new album. It was an excellent discussion, sorry I can't remember the topic thread ???

I am not sure if this is the problem with the albums that I have listed here but this white haze on new vinyl seems to be happening more and more with the new albums that I purchase.
There is a thread on here that deals with purified water. I started using water from Whole Foods and that seems to have helped the process. I use a Spin Clean with purified water and their solution. I then rinse with purified water, then vacuum with the Nitty Gritty. I temper static with a carbon brush and a Zerostat. This produces the most quiet albums in my experience.