Album burrs on outside edge.

What is a good way to smooth them out, or what grit sandpaper ?
unless they are sharp enough to cut flesh, don't worry about them...they ahould be rare.
I clean them by hand with cloth and the cloth is snagging on them.
i clean by hand too, and they can be a may want to try to bend them back and forth to break, but just living with them(if they don't come off easily)is probably the way to go.
I see an business opportunity here: A machine that cuts it to a "mysterious" angle and enhances the sound as it would redirect any vibrations that would potentially feed back to the cartridge. And maybe the machine could offer two distinct angles for 33 vs 45. Hmmmm any buyers place your orders now and I will have a machine in few months I am sure:)
I'll take a dozen, wrap em up!!!

BTW, do you recommend with a $600 super-duper-red-hot-laser-beam stamper?
I would avoid using any type sandpaper- the glued particles (sand) come loose from the paper and will promptly lodge themselves in the grooves of your new lp. I would get a sharpening stone, which comes in various grits, to remove the offensive material, if it bothers you.
Oregon, for 600 I'll even through in the label re-setter.
After all a properly set label is the key to the stylus anti-eccentric tracking error correction force regenerator.
And who doesn't want that gremlin tamed?