Album art, windows and squeezecenter help

I need some help. I have been using windows media to rip cd's to wma lossless because i have a hard time believing there is any audible difference in lossless formats and that is the easiest tool. It rips, tags and provides artwork, even a monkey can do it. I use squeezecenter and a transporter for the rest of the equation. Every post I read relating to this subject suggests flac is the better format and eac the better ripping tool so I figured I would give it another try (I started this way but quickly changed). I had no trouble setting up eac and ripping but I cannot remember how to get artwork to squeezecenter. I can get the artwork and drag it into the folder eac creates in my music but i cannot get it over to sc.

So I suppose I am asking 2 questions...the first is simply about the artwork and the second is there really a difference between ripping tools and lossless formats...I mean an audible one...not just because that seems to be what everyone says...I have yet to hear a rationale explanation as to why...have you?
Name your artwork "cover.jpg" or "folder.jpg" and put it in the same folder as the album. Squeezecenter will see it.
I am using dbpoweramp to rip all my CD's to flac.
Using SB Duet and Cambridge Dacmagic. Sounds amazing!!!
smholl...i tried that and just did again and it is not being recognized. wonder if i need to delete the whole folder and redo it as scenter already has that album, just no art...
Re-scan everything in Squeezecenter settings. That should do it.
i did! not seeing it...
I'm at a loss.
Check out
Maybe you can find an answer.

Good luck
download tag&rename as i think you may have to associate the .jpg files with the metadata.

i haven't heard a cogent argument pertaining to the audibile superiority of flac vs. wma lossless. i can't speak for wma lossless as i use flac. i know flac has a checksum error detection so if the file gets corrupted, it won't play. a wav file, for instance, can be minisculy corrupted and still play. so with flac, you know your data is 100% or it won't play. not sure if wma lossless has any manner of error detection built into it.

good luck with the .jpg issue!
I can hear a difference between Apple Lossless and Wav/AIFF, but not between Flac and Wav/Aiff. Maybe that SHOULDN'T be the case, but I think it is. Flac is the only lossless format I would use.
I had the same issue with EAC and had to download the pic from Amazon and use a 3rd Party software (MP3Tag)to tag the pics to the FLAC files. MWA is ten times better. and sounds just as good. I just purchase Music Vault and that how they setup there product up, and what they recomement.
that's WMA
i downloaded mp3tag and after messing around and figuring out how, i can attach a cover to a song file, then do a full clear and scan with squeezecenter and the art shows up (sometimes). but is seems i have to go through each song on an album and attach the cover to that song. is this what you guys do?

again, i am amazed at how easy this process is with windows, is there really a benefit from going through all these steps?
Yes in mp3tag you do have to pick all of the songs in that album, and then assign the picture to them. Also it is a pain in the neck and time consuming to 1. Rip your files in EAC as FLAC, 2. Down load artwork, 3. Put them in a folder and 4. Then load up mp3tag and assign the artwork. When all you have to do in Windows is rip your files in WMA lossless, and thatÂ’s it.
thanks moemoney! i am surprised there is not more input on this subject!