Albertporter,Tireguy, Sean, MikeLavigne, Ozzy ??

This are the Agoners That I enjoy reading their post, Sean come back I miss those long post, Tireguy make me laugh many times, good Agoners, Mike is full of knowledge and humility Even though his system is one of the best, Albert is always a gentlemen as well, Ozzy very informative as well. I learn a lot from their post.Agoners is there a members here that you guys like to read their post and admire?

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I just can't imagine if they live on the same town I live, and listen to their system? I think Sean we live in the same state, but far from me.
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Most of those guys are around regularly on other audio boards. I miss TWL and Doug Deacon too. Cheers,

Jayctoy, thanks for the kind words. it's nice to be missed. :)

I do cruise through the 'Gon from time to time to see what's going on here. Audiogon seems to be plenty active. and i occasionally post when I see a subject I can relate to. many times interesting stuff is already hot and heavy and it's hard to jump into the middle of it and be relevant. if I was here more often I would get more involved.

I think high end web forums are about relationships as much as anything. you tend to hang where you most feel comfortable, know people, and be part of a community.

in recent years I've posted stuff on my audiogon system page but it did not get much attention so I stopped doing that for a couple of years now. maybe things have evolved here enough now that if I start doing that again it will get more involvement. I certainly post plenty of new stuff on other forums I could also post here.

again, thanks.

Yes, there are quite a few from the past who I miss input from. As well as those already mentioned, I can think of cornfedboy, tvad, sdcampbell, avguygeorge, garfish, sugarbrie, elizabeth, nrchy, jadem6, jafox, viridian, just to name a few that I have missed input from lately.

There are many still here though whose opinions I greatly respect and enjoy.
Too many to name, but I have to say special thanks to almarg, atmasphere for their technical expertise, and lak, budburma, pops, swampwalker, onhwy61, sbank, among many others for helping me maintain my sanity (maybe?).
You guys are bringing back some old memories indeed miss a lot of those folks myself! Tvad, cornfedboy, tireguy especially. But lets cross ozzy of this list he is alive and well and started a new thread here yesterday!
 I  met Tvad, (Grant).He went to my house  with Smilin (steve) because He visited here in Ilinois, we have a good time, that was long time ago.Yes Mike we miss you here, Jond, yes Ozzy is alive n active....John , Iam glad you added more of our pioneer members here.

I like to add MAPMAN to the list, not enough posts!
I agree with everyone above, I miss these guys, and Elizabeth! Mike Lavigne...please come back! I loved following your incredible system's evolution. Tvad...what can I say?
Always look forward to what almarg and atmasphere have to say. 
I also miss mikelavigne and want him to come back as well as elberoth2 who doesn't post here quite so much any more.
Here’s a thread I found with several of these folks posting about their situational changes and/or decisions to discontinue participating on Audiogon:

Another thought: At least two of these people own extremely high-end systems, i.e. very expensive electronics and cabling and lots of tweaks. One has two of Machina Dynamica’s vibration-isolation solutions on his old Virtual systems page.

With the recent numerous threads and posts viscously attacking people who buy/own expensive systems as if they are a societal menace, stating that those that buy/own expensive cables (and can hear audible differences) are not all there cognitively or that their equipment is subpar and that those that have found positive sonic results from tweaks such as aftermarket fuses or vibration control products are voodooist and non-technical gullible idiots, why would these veteran audiophiles choose to post here now?

Yes, those were the days!
So mansy people to say thank you to and how much I enjoyed or enjoy our communication!

Dave thank  you , for the Link, you think guidocorona is also missing in action?Guido I miss those term you use, although very seldom I understand them without getting dictionary, but I do have fun reading them....Bon. Lak same here, I did miss them n their post why I wrote this thread. 
Mike I agree the web forum is about relationship, I met good audiophiles in this web forum in person, I felt like I knew them more than my cousins , it's like a family.thank you for the response...

At one time I visited Audiogon several times a day and was very active at posting.   For various reasons including their site redesign I moved around to other sites including What's Best Forum.

After awhile WBF got so argumentative I quit posting all together.   Lately I've posted a little over at and return here to post updates on my old system thread.

Like Mike, I get little to no feedback when I add to my system page so I'm not as eager to contribute as I once was. 

Albert please post more, and comeback I myself it took a while before, I started posting again, I even forgot my password...Regardless you are appreciated here, thanks for posting again..Iam still wondering where Tireguy is?
By the way Mike I read the construction of your room at Positive Feedback, Unbelievable choice and planning.i was so amaze with all the type of wood you put in that room...,
OK Let's add Mapman, Deacon,TWL,Jadem6, Jafox, Viridian, anarchy, Cornfed, n more..
I mean Nrchy, lets add also swampwalker, bombaywalla,sbank, avguru, avguygeorge.SEAN where are you?
Albert, you might not be getting feedback, but I'm sure others such as myself (or in addition to myself) enjoy monitoring your systems page.
Dekay should be in the list too and Stehno brothers,I also like reading your post...Joey is right Albert , Mike ,not only we monitor your system , we dream of having one.
I'm still floundering around in the swamp, jayctoy.  Hope you're well, thanks for the shout-out!  I've spent 40 years in the consulting business, getting yelled at and insulted in public hearings, so the negativity doesn't bother me that much...I mean, it bothers me on a philosophical level, but I shrug and move on. 
Good to know, you're well, thanks for responding .

Hey Swamp, good to see you are still kicking around. 
Albert, about the two vultures who boarded the flight with carrion. 
Ditto, Albert.  BTW, my wife just loves the Sony A6000 you recommended.  /the darn thing even does auto-cropping while retaining the original!!!  A long way from old Exacta w hand held meter :- 0
Easiest and most convenient camera is my phone, then the Sony A6000 and last the Nikon D800.

Reverse order for best quality to least, much like high end audio, right? :-).


Reads like one of my silly jokes. 
I went away for a year or two and came back. After my latest attempt to return, I see absolutely no progress here. Kind of the blind leading the blind. The same old endless threads with exactly the same topics as a decade ago - topics revisited On and on and on and on. Threads sabotaged regularly by shills so consistently I would never come here for advice. No wonder even the most revered diehard audiophile gurus have lost interest.
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Thanks to this thread, Albert and I have connected and hopefully I get to visit him and his system shortly.  
Shadorne same here, I was out for maybe 8 yrs, I totally agree with you, I miss good informative good post, that's why I wrote this thread, to invite all the pioneers here, I hope they will continue to post here.Joey are welcome...

@jayctoy I'm still alive :-) Thanks for the recognition.  Truth be told, life just got hectic.  Circa 2007 I sold my business, then entered a period of self-reflection, which set me on a meandering journey.  I moved throughout the country, learning more about myself the the USA at the same than I ever thought I'd know. Then I got married, started a family, started a new business... Every big change I dialed my system back further and further.  I now have a modest rig in our living room, with a fruit snack stuck on the side of our Hsu powered sub, kids make audio an interesting experiment. I've also started an exploration of personal audio, which suits my lifestyle better now, so headphones, DAC's, and USB cables are the flavor of today.  

While I enjoyed the gear, it turns out to me, it really is just about the music, at every leg of the journey I've been on music was a huge part of my life.  I've also grown up a lot since I was originally an active contributor on this site, I was just a teenager when I found Audiogon.  

I will likely step up my home rig when the kids are older, but for now it's Oppo cans, Spotify, and an audioengine dac - which sounds amazing, very similar to my maggie 3.6 system I had over a decade and a half ago!

Cheers friends, music lovers, and audio gear nuts!
Tireguy I am so glad you read this thread.Thank you for updating us, As you know, iam so happy that you settle down to start a family.This hobby is only secondary to our family.Congratulation for having a family...
@tireguy Glad to see you respond and good to hear you are well! And ditch Spotify for Tidal if you can, even on cans there is a big difference. Cheers!
I am a fan of jmcgrogan2 and wolf garcia.   jmcgrogan2 has experience, very level headed and tells it like it is. Wolf Garcia is just hilarious...what a whack!
@jond it may be silly, but the whole Tidal release thing just irritated me, bizarre and insulting all at the same time.  It's a business expense so it's not the money, it's the principal, even at the expense of lossless audio.  More resolution and detail does not always equate to a better experience.

@tireguy , it's good to hear from you again. I'm glad that you are fine and doing well. Enjoy the whole 'family time' thing, it goes by faster than you will believe.
I have 3 of my own, and the 'baby' is now 26 years old!!

@aniwolfe , thank you for the kind words Tom.
Damn it John! Those babies grow up way to fast...
Damn it John! Those babies grow up way to fast...
 @lak , yeah Larry, it's almost surreal when I look back on it now.
Now I am watching grandchildren grow up! Yikes!
Does that mean I am getting old???!!!

Tireguy hello, long time no talk.

nice to see you are still kicking!


The problem, from my understanding of it... is that the pressuring louts who throw bibles (of opinion and science) around and insist on having their way in any discussion...if they are allowed to persist..they end up slowly but surely driving away the people who are open minded, or easy going, or quiet.

Many people who would and do post are easy going and quiet.

When you run into hard minded louts who are together and in a bar, they ruin everyone’s night.

And if allowed to persist, they change the bar, permanently.

Most people want to be tolerant -and are. All grinds, when constant, have their limits in tolerant people, though.

And the population of the forum, or bar...slowly drifts away.

Thus, the insistent louts have to be targeted and removed from the given environment. And when a new one shows up, they also have to be targeted and excised.

When that is consistently done for a year or more and then in perpetuity, forever, the given forum, or public venue... can then slowly right itself into being a lively area of discussion.

The louts can be sneaky, when under threat of being excised... and can and do try and hide and have undercurrents of danger, threat, and forced emotional conditions projected in the subtext of their texts/posts. They won't stop. It is part of what they are..some will try to ride the ragged edge of being removed from the given forum, by playing with sarcasm or potential second or third possible meanings in the text presented. To try and escape excising on technicalities. As underneath the text, they are still the nasty controlling projecting lout.

So they still need to be found out and excised on that level.

Let them have their mosh pit of derision, projected control, and scorn ....elsewhere.

A forum needs a Patrick Swayze, a "roadhouse cooler", for a come in and do the dirty work. To be on that job, on the watch... for the sins of the projecting nasty folk. Always. It eventually get easier as the louts are eliminated and then only a few of the new members are of potential threat.

Basically, there are some memberships that need to be cancelled. Yesterday.

Sometimes, one has to put their foot down.
Maybe this is one of those times.
Or maybe we are all getting older and crankier? :-p
generally when we get older, we are less likely to engage the difficult people of a more youthful nature.

We tend to quietly walk away from the confrontation, as no one really needs the stress.

There is simply no point in engaging people who project such undercurrents of violence in their posting.
I was just kidding I am happy to engage younger folk and many others here also seem more than willing to help. And spirited debate can be fun and entertaining it's always important to remember this is a form of entertainment and a fun hobby. Approached from that perspective I find it's pretty hard to get upset about anything.
@mikelavigne hey hey!  You can't keep guys like us down :-)  

I stalk your system from time to time, it continues to evolve in almost a magical way.  Hope music, and life has been treating you well - hope we catch up soon.  Cheers!

Where is TVAD (Grant) ?