Albert Porter

What has happened to Albert Porter?
@albertporter - Don't want to put you on-the-spot but have you heard any "Raven Audio" products? I believe they hail from Texas and look well built. May see them at the upcoming AXPONA show. Thanks
Inna you are correct, my connection to hearing Kharma speakers on a regular basis was broken when the guy in my audio group that owned them dropped off the face of the earth.

Actually he married a beautiful woman,  had a child and now spends all his time with them.  But who can blame him for that :-)  ?

I have not heard the newer version but your comment made me look up their website, appears they have made a number of changes and no doubt a even better speaker now than before.   Maybe I can hear one at a show sometime.
Hello Dweller,

I did their advertising photography a few years ago, probably they have changed things since then but I had many of their products here for an extended time for photography and listening to each.

Dave is a nice guy, easy to get along with and works very hard to promote the brand.   I prefer the sound of Allnic and will leave it at that.

I also listened to them at RMAF and spoke at length with Dave, I think many folks liked what they heard there so I think they will have good success.  

I’m sure I’m leaving some out that should be on my list.

Yes you are.  Your beloved Sound Labs.