Alanis Morissette Jagged Little Pill Acoustic Anv.

Went into Starbucks this morning to get my daily coffee and I see that Alanis Morissette has released an Acoustic performance of her first Album Jagged Litte Pill to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of its release. I said WTF and picked it up and took it home for a listen.

Very nice..

Apparently this is only being sold at Starbucks.

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I believe it is being sold ahead of the formal release at Starbucks. Best Buy and CC state 07.26.2005 as the national release. Thanks for the information, though! I'll be out to grab it tonight!
10 years damn time is going fast. When I tell my kids I like Stone Temple Pilots, they say "Oh your into the oldies" !
It seems this has caused a bit of a stir ... I read about this on Netscape yesterday, some of the retailers are pulling her albums. I thought it said some of the Big Boy's were yanking all her albums

This is all could find today.


Starbucks> Alanis Morissette Exclusive

Posted Jun 8, 2005, 2:50 PM ET by Brad Hill

Starbucks, resembling a record label/distributor lately, has obtained a six-week exlusive on Alanis Morissette’s new acoustic album, a remake of Jagged Little Pill. Small CD stores are furious, threatening to pull all inventory from Morissette’s label. This piece in the Village Voice predictably carries a caustic tone about everything Starbucks, but there is no question the coffee retailer has one foot in the future, and “gets” one important fact as weel as Steve Jobs does: It’s not about the product, it’s about the lifestyle.

Do you know what happens when you "ROB" Peter to pay Paul ... you end up with a sore Peter
I hope it sounds better than most of her live crap, she really does alot of vocal rambling if you ask me and I cant take much of it....I think she still thinks she is the shit as far as being an "artist", her star faded very very fast IMO this new album just means she is washed out and has pretty much "jumped the shark"
Chadnliz, c'mon...let us know what you really think :-) I'm not sure about her live performances, as I've never seen her...but your post did give me a chuckle!

That being said, I really do think that "Jagged Little Pill" was an audio triumph for the ages. The lyrics and vocal projections of angst, anger, and alienation were sheer musical poetry. I think that this would qualify for a "one hit wonder" album!
All that deep emotion from a 20 something woman, OH the angst...oh the angst!
Ok so I have Jagged lil all my dark shameful secrets are revealed and I have nothing more to hide lol c'mon guys, YOU YOU YOUUU OUGHTAAAAAAAAAAA KNOOOOOOW, I have to go I cant type fast 'cause I got one hand in my pocket and the other ones waiving a peace sign
A one hit wonder for sure but it Jagged Little Pill still works. Ask my sixteen-year-old daughter. I routinely hear this music coming from her car as she pulls into the driveway. And very loud I might ad.
Chris, I think it's "WTF, over". 10-4 good buddy.
Is the foul language cleaned up on the new acoustic version? Starbucks was going to sell "Devils and Dust" by Bruce, but backed out because of the lyrical content of "Reno", which is a far more thoughtful "adult-content" lyric than "You Oughta Know".

Sorry, comparing Bruce and Alanis is somewhat akin to comparing the Great Wall of China to my back yard fence...

I wouldn't be surprised if "Pill" was cleaned up. Starbucks probably has that kind of clout...

>>>"All that deep emotion from a 20 something..."

Not that's it's necessarily a bad thing, but you DO realise that you've become your old man?