Al Green DVD Audio

I'm having some trouble playing this on my Esoteric DV-50S. Not getting a menu. Doesn't work on my DVD player either, but for some reason, the menu comes up just fine on the computer drive and am able to play the disc there. Does anyone have any experience with this disc or any advice about how to get it to work? Thanks.
Does your player have a way to switch from DVD Video to DVD Audio in the setup menu?
No It doesn't. And I think what I need is the DVD Video menu for DVD Audio discs in order to get it to work. It now comes up on my Panasonic DVD Recorder once I set it up for showing DVD Video with a DVD Audio disc. But this doesn't work with the Esoteric. Not sure what it is with this disc but it's been causing me fits with this player.
Maybe you should contact Esoteric and ask if there is a software fix. Are you using DVI/HDMI? I have seen some players that will not pass DVDA video over DVI/HDMI. You may have to connect component if you haven't already.
It uses DVI, but I have both the component and DVI plugs connected. Looks like the problem is relatively fixed. Using the "search" button in the upper left and then inputing the number 6 or 5 brings up the tracklist for stereo or surround respectively and then you can play the tracks. But going back to the main menu from the bottom yields a main page but without the tracklist, features, or audio selection buttons. Looks like that's the only way I'll be able to use this DVD Audio. According to some searches I made on the net, this is a notorious DVD Audio that is badly authored.